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Concept: I wanted to use the plastic fuse beads to create a pixel like animation. The inspiration stems from my childhood and using these beads as one of my first forms of creative expression.  I originally started with just the cat in frame, but I wanted a more diverse color palette, with random objects and ending with a simultaneous loop. The number 2 represents balance and harmony. This is why number 2 is chosen on the pool ball.  
Starting with the digital pixel video guide above, I then started placing beads on the 28 by 28 peg tray.  After all the beads are placed, cover the square with wax paper and iron both sides to melt it together.  I repeated this til my frames and elements were completed. Photograph, edit and
then its complete! 
Finished it all off with a fuse bead frame!
Untitled_Artwork 8.gif
Untitled_Artwork 8 copy.gif
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